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Hey! I found this community from mayavada in another community. My house was built between 1913 and 1916. I've read different years in different papers. It is in a small (about 1,000 people) ex-mill town on a corner lot. I just bought it this past spring. It was originally a duplex that has been converted (mostly) to one house. We (my fiance and I, as well as our 5 cats and dog) have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, office/hang out room, dining room, 4 fireplaces and a laundry room. It has a huge front porch we plan to screen in for the cats and a large deck that we'll have to tear off. I plan to find out if we'd be allowed to build a brick patio with a fence around it - I'm not sure of the building codes. I've always wanted a house of my own and an old house, because my Mom and I moved around a lot when I was growing up, and the house we were happiest in was built in 1903 and had so much character. I had 3 different people look over our house before I bought it and so I knew it had wiring, plumbing and a minor foundation problem(s). It has so much charm though and we're so happy and comfortable here. It just has a good feel. I looked at a lot of houses before I chose this one. It is also in walking distance of the river, a park, the post office and city hall, and the recently renovated mill which has stores and restaurants. We (My fiance Chris and I) plan to get the house rewired this year. Some of the quirks that we've run into include:

- The first night, I turned on the water in the bath tub to take a bath. Thank goodness I wasn't in the tub yet, because the faucet shot of and smacked into the wall! It was easily fixed though. I laugh about it now, haha.

- The giant spiders (like 8 inches in diameter if you include it's legs). The house hadn't been lived in in several years and a colony of spiders had moved in, specifically in the window frames. We've been told they are wolf spiders and harmless. We've seen one giant spider that was a albino. I don't care how harmless it was, it was scary. When we find one though we trap and release it.

-The house still has gas heaters, not central heating. Not all of them worked so I've had to haunt flea markets and thrift stores for new (used) ones in good condition.

-The hardwood floors are painted an awful gray which always look dirty. Chris wants to try to refinish them or have them refinished. I really wanted to paint them in a better paint and maybe do stenciling on them. So that is the challenge, coming to an agreement.

- The house had 2 gas meters and 2 gas lines because it was once a duplex. Renters and owners in the past just paid 2 bills. Chris and I have already converted it to one gas line but it was a huge headache with the gas company to do so.

-We also have 2 electric boxes which is something we cannot fix ourselves. Whoever worked on the electric before in the past was like, Dr. Frankenstein.

It is tough explaining to people why we love it so much though. We joke about all the wacky and weird creaks and quirks, but few people "get it".

Anyway, under the cut are a few pictures. Thanks for reading!

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